Magnetize-It! Magnetic Paint & Primer, Contractor Pro 1 Gallon

    Magnetize-It! Magnetic Paint & Primer, Contractor Pro 1 Gallon

    $159.00 $198.99

      • MAKES: Any Surface Hold Magnets! 

      • ATTACH: Child artwork, magnetic letters, posters, documents, reminders and post cards using magnets!

      • CREATE: No show magnet photo displays

      • TOP COAT: With any color latex paint or chalkboard paint (optional)

      • GREAT FOR: Kids' bedrooms, toy rooms, offices, kitchens and more!

      • WORKS ON: Wood, Metal, Masonry, Drywall, Plaster and more

      Your secret weapon to increase your revenue per client and grow your painting business.

      Our strongest, smoothest formulation ever, specifically made for painting contractors.

      Create Walls That Move With Your Life.

      Decorate for life’s big moments using magnets, including birthday parties, engagement parties, baby showers and more. Change your wall décor in minutes, with the change of holidays and seasons.

      Home Applications: Attach Child Artwork, Magnetic Letters, Pictures, Posters, Documents, Reminders, Post Cards, Decorations and More Using Magnets!

      Educational Applications: Great for all types of learning including alphabet letters, days of week, states and countries on maps. Create learning tools with endless possibilities!

      Business Applications: Great for Business Meetings, Planning Events, Organizing, Project Management and More!

      Magnetize-it! is an ultra-premium magnetic paint powered by nanotechnology that attracts magnets. Use Magnetize-It! Paint & Primer to create a magnetic wall. Add a top coat of any color or chalkboard paint. (optional) Attach picture frames, artwork, and decorations to your magnetic wall with magnets! No longer use tape, thumb tacks, or nails that cause damage to your walls and paint job. Rearrange and redecorate with ease! Magnetize-It! Meets all safety standards.