VersaScan 21X Compliance Scanner

    VersaScan 21X Compliance Scanner


      Quickly Read and Process MICR Encoded Checks and Documents!

      MICR Ink Scanner recognizes and validates each symbol.


      Test readability of MICR encoded checks and documents at anytime. The VersaScan 21X is easy-to-use, just insert check and view the light indicator. (green=pass, red=fail). Ensures your checks were set up and printed properly (MICR bank code line positioning and bank data formatting). The VersaScan 21X also tests for sufficient magnetic signal strength so your checks will be readable by banks and retail outlets and compliant with new "Check 21" federal law.

      • Works with UNIX, WINDOWS, NT, and OS/2, etc.
      • Interface: USB (HID or Virtual COM), RS-232, IBM PC/AT/XT
      • Small footprint, low cost check reader with high accuracy and dependability
      • Reads MICR characters on checks, deposit, withdrawal slips and other MICR encoded documents
      • Reads E13-B and CMC-7 MICR fonts
      • Credit Card and Driver License Scanner integrated


      Color: Beige / Dark gray


      Height: 3.18 in (80.77 mm)

      Width: 4 in (101.6 mm)

      Length: 6.19 in (157.23mm)


      Weight: 3lbs (48 oz)


      MICR standardISO1004 standard E13B, CMC7
      MSR standardISO/IBM format, dual tracks or triple tracks
      Reading indicationGreen/red status LED for right/error reading
      Multi interfaceRS232, IBM PC/AT/XT, USB(HID or Virtual COM) 2400/4800/9600/19200 bps at option under RS232 interface
      Feeding speed250mm/sec (+/-30mm/sec)
      Reading speed1.2sec/sheet (with 157mm sheet length
      Power supplyDC+12 V
      Head lifetime500,000 cycles
      Recognition accuracy rate98% for E13B & CMC7 & MSR