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Push Pins 24 Pack

    Push Pins 24 Pack

    $12.00 $20.00
      • Low Weight and Strong Holding Force!
      • The most powerful strength magnets for their size! Rare earth neodymium magnets are 4x times the strength of standard refrigerator magnets. Use on any surface that attracts magnets
      • High Quality: Neodymium magnets constructed of superior material, with a smooth and shiny non-scratch surface, nickel coated, rust resistant and long lasting! NdFeB magnets pass RoHS safety standards and ISO 9001 specifications.
      • Use magnets to attach: Child artwork, posters, documents, reminders, post cards, drill bits and other tools, spice canisters, make up containers, metal toy cars, pencil holders, paint brushes, picture frames, light-weight shelves, belts, keys and much more!
      • Great for: Bedrooms, toy rooms, kitchens, offices, classrooms, warehouses, and garages!