Universal JetFix Printhead Anti-Clog & Jumpstart Kit

    Universal JetFix Printhead Anti-Clog & Jumpstart Kit


      Lots of perfectly good printers are thrown out and replaced when all they needed was a thorough cleaning. Save time, money and ink cartridges with Jetfix - an easy to use system to deep clean the nozzles on your inkjet printheads for great output.

      Scientifically created to work with the unique Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) properties of VersaInknano™ - JetFix™ easily and safely jumpstarts the printheads of all inkjet printer brands. Results are equally impressive when used to clean cartridges containing the upgraded magnetic-pigment ink featured in the VersaInk™ line or standard inks.


      • Works with any brand of inkjet printer
      • Exclusive cleaning solution formula from the makers of VersaInk nano™
      • Each kit contains everything you need for 12 or more cleanings*
      • Repairs clogs
      • Prevents clogs with regular use
      • Easy to use: Only simple 4 steps
      • Non-toxic and odorless

      Each Universal JetFix Kit contains:
      • (1) 1 oz. bottle of cleaning solution
      • (5) cleaning tissues
      • (2) pairs of gloves
      • (1) instruction sheet

      *based on average usage of 2 ml of solution per cleaning

      Clogged Printheads?

      If you're not getting the print quality you're used to from your inkjet printer, it could have clogged printheads. Here are some tell-tale signs:

      • Broken or blurred lines appear in your test print page
      • Documents and pictures have white lines or missing content, especially in solid areas
      • You find yourself having to run your "printhead cleaning cycle" more often than once or twice
      • Your printer hasn't been used for awhile or there simply isn't any ink on the page when you print

      Don't throw out your printer or new ink cartridge - for best operation and output keep your printheads clean. JetFix makes it easy to maintain and extend the life of your printer.