VersaInk-nano HP 65MX - Black MICR Cartridge

    VersaInk-nano HP 65MX - Black MICR Cartridge

      Brand VersaInk
      Ink Color Black
      Page Yield 300
      Compatible Devices Printer
      Compatibility Options OEM, Remanufactured, Compatible
      Color Micr Black

      About this item

      • Use VersaInk-nano 65 MX MICR Black Ink Cartridges in your inkjet printer to generate 100% bank compliant checks. The bank code line on the bottom of every check is required to be printed with magnetic (MICR) ink to be readable by Magnetic Ink Character Recognition devises (MICR check readers) used at retail and financial outlets everywhere.
      • This MX version is remanufactured to OEM specifications and contains 2.5X the ink of MS version for up to 300 page print yield.
      • Compatible with HP Deskjet 2600, HP Deskjet 2622, HP Deskjet 2624, HP Deskjet 2632, HP Deskjet 2633, HP Deskjet 2634, HP Deskjet 2635, HP Deskjet 2636, HP Deskjet 2640, HP Deskjet 2652, HP Deskjet 2655, HP Deskjet 2680, HP Deskjet 3720, HP Deskjet 3722, HP Deskjet 3730, HP Deskjet 3732, HP Deskjet 3733, HP Deskjet 3752, HP Deskjet 3755, HP Deskjet 3758, HP ENVY 5010, HP ENVY 5012, HP ENVY 5014, HP ENVY 5020, HP ENVY 5030, HP ENVY 5032, HP ENVY 5034, HP ENVY 5052, HP ENVY 5055, HP ENVY 5058, HP ENVY 5070, AMP 100, AMP 101, AMP 105, AMP 120, AMP 125, AMP 130
      • New x-wave MICR technology delivers powerful magnetic signal performance (> 100% ANSI x9) to exceed compliance with USA & Canadian bank standards and deliver flawless check acceptance everywhere.
      • Ultra-crisp print quality for documents and images, resists fading, smearing and chemical alterations. Compatible with magnetic readers used at retail stores & banks.